URGENT environment variables pointing to DEV not PROD

We have an URGENT problem and our production site is down. We upgraded 21 hours ago to use Netlify’s new environment variable management feature. Now, everything points to our development environment variables, when it should be using production. Please advise.

Seems a similar issue to this: Netlify deploy works but url points at an older deployment

Site name: trybree

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Please help Netlify Team

Looks like others are having this issue

@felixthehat @colibri-gitlab-admi1

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Hey there, @akang10 :wave:

We have already responded to your request in our helpdesk with some further questions. Please follow up on that singular email moving forward. Communicating in one place streamlines the support you will receive.

Is there a link to the helpdesk? I haven’t seen any emails come through. Thanks

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We have responded to the email address a***@t******.com. Please check the spam folders as well.