Bug in the new environment variables experience when using template environment variables

I created a repo that uses [template.environment] configuration as described here:

My colleague was able to use it properly, but for some reason, a site I created from it does not have the environment variables defined,
In order make sure that it is truly an issue with netlify.com and not my repo, I used a Netlify template - GitHub - netlify/netlify-statuskit: Netlify StatusKit is a template to deploy your own Status pages on Netlify., which is maintained by Netlify.
It seems that the generated site, is lacking the environment variables values I defined when cloning it (you can try it by using - this link

When trying to compare my account to my colleague’s I noticed that his account is using the classic environment variables experience while I am using the new one (Classic environment variables | Netlify Docs)
It appears template configuration and pre-filled environment variables are not working in the new experience,

Hiya @carmelc and sorry to be slow to get back to you!

Our team is discussing this internally and I think that someone from our Product team has maybe reached out to you via email already - could you confirm if you received it?

Hi, someone from the product team indeed contacted me, I will be notified when a fix is available

I was notified that the issue was fixed, and after testing it I can confirm that it was indeed handled and it works now,

Hi @carmelc, welcome back to the forums! :wave:t6: Glad to hear our product team could be of some help! Thank you for coming back and letting us know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: