Template Environment Not Showing in 1 Click Deploy

Hi I have created A Single Netlify Functions with Template Environment Variable I can Set Up
during One Click Deploy.

I dont know if this is a bug in your END or some changes happen recently but before

I can Actually Put ENV Variable when I Do a one Click Deploy

But Now It Seems It Wont Work

here is my netlify.toml file

  functions = "functions"
  command = "#"
  PAYMONGO_EMAIL = "Type Username"
  PAYMONGO_PASS = "Type Password"
  PAYMONGO_LIVE_MODE = "Set True if Live"
  from = "/*"
  to = "/.netlify/functions/:splat"
  status = 200

hi there, I believe you have to complete a deploy before you can add an environment variable - can you clarify if that is what you are trying to do?