URGENT: environment variables broken

Hi Netlify Team,

Since about 12:35PM UTC today all of our users have been unable to use our service. We’ve found that the database environment variable being injected is completely wrong.

We’ve had this issue before and we were unable to resolve it without contacting Netlify support. This is urgent for us - please help.

Site name: https://app.trybree.com

@Melvin and team, could someone please look into this for us?

This is preventing our deploys for this week.

Thank you

Hi, @akang1995. We replied to you about this on support ticket # 185620. If there are further questions please reply to the email for that ticket #. However, if you don’t see that email, please let us know here and we’ll research this to find out why.

Thanks - quick question, when we switch our DNS/domain to the new site, how long does it typically take? we don’t want a huge outage for our users.

Hi, when you switch DNS it can be instantaneous but often times propagation make take upwards to 48 hours.

Thanks @SamO can we expect Netlify to autotransfer the SSL certificate from our existing site if we use the same domain?

Hi, we’ll just automatically configure you a new SSL certificate. (;

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