Upgrade to Pro plan failed

Hello all

I tried to upgrade to a Pro account but it fails with the following error message:
“subscription is cancelled and can not be modified”

At the same time, I can’t make a request to support because I don’t have a Pro account…

Any ideas?

Hi @gsm

I just made an adjustment to our system. Could you please give it another try and let us know how it goes?

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“Welcome to your Pro trial!”

Thank you very much for your quick help!


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know that did the trick!

@elden I have the exact same issue, can you please help?
Same error when trying to upgrade to Pro and can’t contact customer support because I’m not on a Pro account.

:wave: @tamirhen,

It appears that your account is presently active. To assist you further, could you provide the specific error message that you encounter when attempting to upgrade to the Pro plan?


subscription is cancelled and can not be modified

Thanks @tamirhen !

Could you also confirm if the team you are attempting to upgrade is kaizen-agency? If that is not the team, could you please share the team slug of the account you are receiving the error on?

@audrey Yes that is the team

The issue has been resolved. Thanks!

Glad to hear it’s resolved! Let us know if you need anything else.