Unable to visit my GoDaddy custom domain (hosted in Netlify)


Firstly, I must say, I love Netlify; you’ve built an incredible platform.

However, I’m currently facing some issues when trying to access my domain. Typically, when I try to access it via a browser, I get redirected to this GoDaddy page of the domain:

Occasionally, I’m able to successfully reach my website (as built in the Netlify app), but at other times, I encounter security errors, despite the HTTPS apparently being set. An example is the PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR, which I’ve experienced with Firefox, even though I can access it with Edge.

I have already added the 4 NS that Netlify gave me to the GoDaddy DNS, and I have waited 48 hours.

My custom domain name: www.arturovillacanas.com
My Netlify site name: https://arturovillacanas.netlify.app/

Thank you very much!

The nameservers for arturovillacanas.com aren’t correctly set @villacanas

% whois arturovillacanas.com | grep 'Name Server'

dig shows you’ve added the Netlify nameservers, but also shows (as above) that GoDaddy nameservers exist still

% dig arturovillacanas.com NS
arturovillacanas.com.	3468	IN	NS	ns49.domaincontrol.com.
arturovillacanas.com.	3468	IN	NS	ns50.domaincontrol.com.
arturovillacanas.com.	3468	IN	NS	dns3.p01.nsone.net.
arturovillacanas.com.	3468	IN	NS	dns4.p01.nsone.net.
arturovillacanas.com.	3468	IN	NS	dns1.p01.nsone.net.
arturovillacanas.com.	3468	IN	NS	dns2.p01.nsone.net.

Check out the following support guide for more information