Unable to display build logs


I’m trying to debug my SSR Nuxt project and therefore access my build log to see how my build is actually generated. I would like to access the logs as I do locally, meaning be able to use my console logs as well.

4:21:04 PM: > nuxt generate
4:21:27 PM: ​
4:21:27 PM: (build.command completed in 23.7s)

This is the part where I’d like to have detailed logs.
To be clear, the build is not failing but I’d like to access the full version of log as it was possible some times again upsers

I spend some times searching through docs and the community forum and found no solutions so far.
I did try adding various CI= vars and commands in my netlify.toml.

Thank you in advance.
Help me with this problem.

Netlify isn’t suppressing the logs. However, the build environment at Netlify might not be configured the same way it is in your local environment and this could be causing differences in the logging.

For example, your NODE_ENV environment variable might not be the same. There are instructions about how to see this at Netlify here:

How do you see the logging locally? Is it logged to the same console where the build command is run?

Is it possible you need to set the DEBUG environment variable?

(I’m not a Nuxt expert so this is just a guess above.)