Unable to change domain to new account after losing details for old account

I have had an old account that I have lost the details of, however, it still has my custom domain assigned to it.

I have tried to contact support twice without any help resolving it, the first time I got a response saying it was fine and not understand the problem, it might have been my fault if I wasn’t clear enough and the second time I have been completely ignored.

I need to change this over and it’s frustrating that I am unable to change it myself and that support is just ignoring my requests for help.

Hi @farmlandbee ,

Welcome to the forums. No one is ignoring your request there is no SLA for customers on a starter tier. We work as fast as we can for all of our users to get a response. Forums response time is between 2-3 days.

Now to your question-

What is your domain you are trying to add to your new account? You’ll need to verify your domain ownership please follow the instructions here.

Thank you for getting back to me, I only felt that way as I initially contacted you on the 21st of February and haven’t heard back since the 23rd.

I have updated my domain with the TXT record now as well.

I still need your domain name.

Good point :sweat_smile:

Its: balu.technology

Hi, @farmlandbee. I replied to support ticket # 134043 about this. Would you please follow-up to the email we sent about that ticket?

The domain has been removed from the other team now. You will be able to add it to your new site now and, if you cannot, please reply either to the support ticket or here to let us know.