Trying to route domain email to a gmail account with Netlify DNS

Hi all,
I’m helping someone with their site, with custom domain The domain (from godaddy) comes with emails, so we added the MX record to the DNS panel.
How can I route these to land in a gmail account? The person I spoke to at godaddy said an option would appear for me in the DNS panel to easily do this but that hasn’t happened…
Would appreciate any advice- thanks!

Hey Madeleine,

you can add the necessary MX records in your Netlify DNS panel here: Netlify App
Here’s a support guide: [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?

Hey Katrina,
Thank you so much for the reply, but I already followed that guide and added the MX record in the DNS panel. Shown here:

TTL: 3600 seconds
Type: MX
Priority: 0

I’m trying to funnel all the emails into a gmail account. Do you know how I can do that?
Much appreciated,

Hi, @Madeleine. I do see this DNS record below:	3600	IN	MX	0

However, that is pointing to Outlook and not Gmail. Did you want to point the domain to Outlook?

Please note, our support team cannot tell you what DNS records to create for your email service. That information comes from your email service provider and they should be able to tell you what the required DNS records are. Once you share that information we us, we can provide instructions about how to create those DNS records here.

For example, the Google Workspace (Gmail) documentation is here:

Are you trying to configure Gmail’s email service for this domain or do you want to use Outlook?

Hi @luke,
Thanks for the message. I really appreciate the help, as it’s my first time working with Netlify and DNS.
The MX records are those recommended by GoDaddy- where we purchased the domain, and created the two email addresses, both ending with
Our goal is to have all emails to those addresses to be added to an existing Gmail mailbox.

I was advised by GoDaddy to use their MX record and then go from there to funnel the mail to the Gmail account, but maybe that was incorrect? I think the person I spoke with was thinking the domain should first point to Outlook and then from there point to Gmail. (The goal is to have official-looking addresses, but not separate accounts.)

Thank you,

Hi @Madeleine,

From our perspective, this is not something we can debug for you. Netlify DNS is working as you’re configuring it, so you’d need to sort the confusion about records or anything else about the emails with your email provider.