Gmail not working after adding netlify custom name servers in google domains DNS custom name servers

After validating DNS by changing the name serves on google domains the Gmail user accounts assocaited with my workspace domain no longer can send or receive email. It is definitely an MX record issue; however, I cannot fogure out how to add the MX records to google domain DNS after I change the name servers. Has anyone run into a similar issue?

Please follow Google’s documentations to add the MX and other e-mail related DNS records: Netlify App

I’m assuming you still having issues here, I can’t see the MX record under your domain.

You will need to re-add all the DNS records from Google Workspace to your Netlify DNS panel. This would include MX records, SPF records, DKIM and DMARC (if you are using it before):

If you have everything, your DNS panel should look like this. The image below doesn’t include any DMARC configuration, and you will need to get the DKIM value from Admin Console on Google Workspace.