Trouble with deploy previews

Having an issue with netlify identity. Specifically adding netlify-cms to a new branch of a repository that is not the master/production deployment branch.

I have identity all setup, invited myself as a user, set a password, etc but when I goto the new code with the netlify-cms and identity widget included on a deploy preview and try to sign in I ultimately get a message:

see screenshots below…

Anyone have identity working with deploy previews?

Hi @rwboyer, identity and git-gateway should work for deploy previews.
Can you share the browser console log and network traffic while doing a refresh of the page?
We are looking for requests with settings in the URL - the CMS sends those when it tries to access git-gateway

Thanks for the response…

I tried to figure out why it wasn’t working for two days when I wrote this question.

I just tried it to get the logs and magically it worked, I’m in. I have no clue as to why this is the case but it works now.