Netlify Identity Configuration for Custom Domain

I am currently using Netlify CMS in combination with Netlify Identity to authenticate editors which is working correctly. However, I am currently in the process of moving to a custom deploy process for Netlify CMS through GithubActions and AWS.

The site currently builds correctly and deploys but I am having trouble getting the Netlify Identity service to function properly; navigating to /.netlify/identity returns a 404. After reading over the Netlify documentation, it is unclear how to properly integrate Netlify Identity with a different CI / CD stack.

A few clarifying questions:

  • Is there existing documentation on integrating the Identity service with a third party CDN provider?

  • Is the /.netlify path a DNS alias/redirect that points to a Netlify-hosted authentication service? If so, is it possible to set up a similar redirect with a different CDN provider like Cloudfront?

  • If not, is the /.netlify path something which is built and deployed as part of the normal site deploy process?

You are certainly welcome to configure the services that back Identity without using netlify, but we don’t provide any tech support on that setup :slight_smile:

  • All the documentation on is the place to start on setting up anything nonstandard :slight_smile:
  • the /.netlify/* endpoints are indeed automatically routed internally here and not “replicable” elsewhere. You can in some cases proxy to them on a Netlify site; if that happens to work, congrats! But, our team doesn’t provide tech support for that setup.