Transfer project to different Netlify user

Hi Netlify admins,

I set up a new GitHub username, and I’m in the process of transferring my repositories to this new account. However, this meant creating a new Netlify account using my GitHub sign-on as well. I do not have teams or a paid tier set up, so I cannot transfer this way.

Ideally, I want all of my old websites (tied to Holben888 on GitHub) to be transferred to the new account (tied to Bholmesdev on GitHub). Here’s the 2 that are most important though:


Let me know if you need more details. Thanks!

Hi @Holben888, I’ve raised this to a support engineer who can help you from there :slight_smile:

Hey @Holben888,

Sorry for the delay. Could you please write in to the helpdesk from the email address associated with the account that currently has the sites in it? We would need to verify your ownership of the sites before we can transfer them.

Hey hrishikesh! Yes, I’m messaging you from the account that owns these websites. How would I “write into the helpdesk” from here?

Ahh, nevermind. I checked now and your forums account is indeed associated with your Netlify account. However, I’m unable to find any user with their GitHub name as Bholmesdev. Could you confirm if it’s correct, or better yet, share the account slug found here:<slug> when you login?

Hm, could be a capitalization issue? Here’s my netlify team url: Netlify App

Great. That has all been transferred.

Woo! I see it on my end too. Thanks so much, everything looks resolved for me :slight_smile: