Transfer my hosting from Hostinger onto Netifly

Hi Netifly Team

My site name is: fredcorr
My site ID is: 0cc0ee1b-381d-488a-9333-8f5597da506c
My repo on GitHub:

I’ve attached my current domain to my site, I’m now waiting for Godaddy to transfer my DNS over to your platform. My repo has 2 folders, one for a Sanity and one for Next.js.

I’d like to have a site pointing to and another one pointing to a subdomain of it where the Sanity studio is hosted. Furthermore setting auto-deploy from the server for each of these instances would be great. Could you guide me on how to get this result?

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to set up deployment process or domains.


Sure! At a high level, you’ll create two netlify sites:

one for your sanity, one for your next

On each site, you’ll link to that same repository, and pick your main production branch (which can be different on the sites). But the main things that MUST be different are:

  1. build command. Presumably you build them differently
  2. base directory. This is where you say “for sanity, start build in the sanity folder” and say for next.

You will apply as a custom domain to the sanity site, and as a subdomain. I feel this article has our best DNS configuration advice:

…but let me know if you have any trouble getting that sorted!