Timeout 10 Seconds

I am trying to develop an app in NextJS which makes a call to openAI. the call takes 20 seconds, I have placed this inside a nextjs api route.

I was using vercel to start with and I tried netifly to see if they allowed this, but they don’t either… Is there any workaround for this?


@BenParr64 Just to clarify, this is a call that is happening within a serverless function, and thus the question is about serverless function execution limits?

If so, Netlify can bump the allowed execution time up for you provided that you’re on a paid plan.


If you let us know the site name (and if it’s on a Pro or above plan), we can bump it to 26 seconds (maximum supported).

I am assuning nextjs api routes are serverless functions? But not on a paid plan as just playing about so no worries! Thanks anyway guys!

My recommendation is to by-pass NextJS APIs altogether and use a different backend, for example, Cloud Firebase Functions. You could configure the timeout up to 9 minutes, without having to pay a monthly bill.

If you’re interested to learn more, I wrote a post about it here: Overcoming the Vercel Timeout Problem with Firebase Functions

Thanks for sharing with the community!