Need function timeout increase from 10 seconds to 25 seconds

I’m using ChatGPT in a Netlify-based system. Importing the OpenAI package in the Netlify function leads to a Maximum Call Stack Error and has been documented elsewhere on this forum. I instead moved the OpenAI client to my own servers.

Now I’m faced with the fact that each request takes 12-18 seconds on average which results in a timeout error every time my function is run.

Can you please increase the timeout for this site to the maximum allowed by the Pro plan? Otherwise I’m going to have to migrate completely away from Netlify to Vercel or AWS perhaps.

Site ID is 1a7db74e-da77-4f2d-9fd0-ca87c099236d

@scrumptious_monkey I’ve increased the function timeout on your site to 26 seconds, our network max. You’ll need to redeploy the site to see the changes take effect.