Time to load very high?

Hi everyone,

The sites I build usually have amazing load times on Netlify, but for the specific website below I’m finding there’s at least a second or two before anything paints, I feel like this is a DNS issue, has anyone encountered a similar thing?

Thanks to anyone who offers any advice, I really appreciate it.

All the best,

Hi @andrwrbnsn can give this support guide a read?

Hey Sam,

Thank you for your reply — I’m referring to the time to load the website initially, the build time is absolutely fine :slight_smile:

Hey @andrwrbnsn,

You seem to be using SSR, which uses Netlify Functions + it doesn’t provide any kind of caching + it’s restricted to a single region. With all those pitfalls, sometimes if your site did not get enough traffic, it might fail from cold start issues, so the initial load might take even longer. For example, it took about 4.3 seconds for the initial load, but the subsequent load took 1.46 seconds.

Does your home page really need to be SSR? If not, you can convert that to static, or ISR.

Ah thank you for the insight @hrishikesh — I’ll take a look into that and see what I can do, I think it can be easily converted to static/ISR :slight_smile: