This site is under development

Please help, I have ran out of ideas…

my website

is hosted as a static page in github. It builds just fine, here is the preview that is generated

However, the website is never been deployed. An attempt to access it returns

“This site is under development
This page indicates the webmaster has not uploaded a website to the server.
For information on how to build or upload a site, please visit your web hosting company’s site.”

The only change made was some minor update to one of the posts. The previous version was deployed just fine. Will appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

P. S. my knowledge of this technology is slim to none, just used a hugo template…

Hey @aramakus,

I’m not seeing this issue. Has this been resolved?

Hey @aramakus

I see “This site is under development” when visiting (or which displays a page containing an <iframe> with a (possibly) malicious site.

This comes down to a DNS issue as the domain is not pointing to Netlify. You can choose to use Netlify DNS (docs) or configure DNS externally (docs).

There are a number of supports guides for DNS and custom domains compiled in this thread

Hi, thanks for your help. I got it working, perhaps deleting cache helped.

coelman, thanks a lot for the links, I have had problems with DNS before, hopefully this read would help me against future issues.

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Glad everything is working. Happy building :rocket: