Website Not Deploying


My site deployed so well a few weeks ago and now it is completely down. I did not touch anything, any solutions on how to fix. I built it just using HTML,CSS, and JS. The domain belongs to goDaddy and I have the A type value linked to netlify, the CNAME to my netlify name and am using goDaddies nameservers

Hello @ecan welcome!

Did the build complete?



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Yes it did, on my production deploys it says published and the netlify link works but not my custom domain

which custom domain as associated with this netlify account?
if it deploys correctly (below is what I see) but can’t be shown under the custom domain then it is definitely some kind of DNS issue, rather than deployment.

the custom domain I am using is which I bought from goDaddy

got it fixed! thank you for the help ^^

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great! glad it’s working :+1: