This function has crashed error with no explanation why

I’m getting an error when trying to load certain pages on my site that randomly popped up yesterday and I have no idea why or what the problem is.

Here is a screenshot if the error:

I was under the assumption that it was maybe a server side rendering issue so I moved the data fetching to client side. That didn’t fix it, so I removed data fetching all together and put a static page with just a <div> containing a <p>Test</p> and it is still giving me the error. There is now no data fetching happening on the page I am trying to access so I’m not sure what task would be failing.

The site I’m working on is and here is a link that is causing the error:

Does anyone have a solution to this? I haven’t added any custom Netlify functions but according to this post: [Support Guide] Why is my function timing out? there are some that are automatically added. How can I debug what’s going on with them?

Hi @bcavenagh ,

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out. Your functions are timing out and you need a bump but that’s only available on a Pro tier or higher. You can upgrade to Pro easily through the Netlify UI dashboard.

Most people use functions and don’t even realize. There are some workarounds to using functions and I urge you conduct your own research on workarounds to functions if you don’t want to upgrade. When you look at your deploy log in netlify the first few lines will tell you you’re using functions. You should see this in the UI when you toggle to site settings.

Well my question I guess is, what’s causing the functions to time out? I have removed data fetching completely and have an SSR page which is essentially static and it’s still timing out. It shouldn’t take over 10 secs to do that. Is there an explanation of what these functions are trying to do? Or a way to debug the functions? Because it doesn’t make much sense to me why they would be timing out in this case.

Ahh I found the issue. It was how I was importing @mui/material-icons. For any future people who run into this issue:

If you are using Material Icons in your project, import them like so:
import RemoveCircleOutlineIcon from '@mui/icons-material/RemoveCircleOutline';

rather than:
import { RemoveCircleOutline } from '@mui/icons-material';

You can see more information about the issue here

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hi @bcavenagh thanks so much for sharing your solution!