Testmysite.io The speed test tool is not working. it's redirection to another page

The speed test tool is not working. it’s redirection to another page.

Can you elaborate on what your issue is? I’m not sure I understand.

I suspect the testmysite.io tool is now deprecated in favour of testing deployed sites with the new Lighthouse plugin as described the the blog post the URL now redirects to.

Similarly the functions playground functions.netlify.com now redirects to the functions documentation.

The WWW is forever changing, like life.

I just found this out today and I, for one, am very sad this is no longer available! I’ve been using this tool since I started as a freelance dev to show clients and potential clients how their site speed is currently and how it improves after Netlify.

It’s been one of my biggest selling points to convert people to Netlify! Would you guys bring it back? If not, what’s a comparable alternative? I’ve tried others (Googles, Pingdom, etc.) but none is so simple and clean as Netlify’s was…

Hi @EricPhifer,

I’ve pinged internally to ask about this.

Hello @EricPhifer!

This month, we had to make the tough but necessary decision to sunset (deprecate) the testmysite.io site. This was primarily due to the fact that various backend components that enabled performance testing reaching or have already reached their respective end of life. This meant that the performance comparison this tool was providing had a high possibility of becoming inaccurate in its reports & comparison, if it had not already become so.

As such, the only logical action we could take was to decommission the site and redirect users to a plugin that is currently maintained and fully functional to provide similar performance metrics - the Lighthouse Plugin.

We do know one of the favorite features of the testmysite.io was the ability to compare site performance from one provider to Netlify’s CDN and while we can not bring that feature back as it was, it may come back in another form to accomplish this same function in the future. However, we can not provide nor promise a delivery date. Still, we hear you!

For now, please do try the Lighthouse Plugin for your deployment performance metrics and thank you for being a loyal Netlify user!


Thanks for your response Kai! I have been using Lighthouse for clients on Netlify and very happy with it. Still left without a good alternative to help convince those not on Netlify. I suppose I’ll make do until you guys can bring something like it back. :slight_smile: I hope you’ll let me know when and if you do!