Temporarily redirecting site

Hi, I’m trying to temporarily redirect my domain (proxy-app.com) to a google form (proxy mailing list sign-up).

My netlify site is sunny-pegasus-35f64b. I had my proxy-app domain name set up to it. I’ve removed all references to netlify on godaddy and forwarded it to the form, and removed proxy-app from my netlify site. However, visiting proxy-app.com gives me “Site Not Found - Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on Netlify.” (internal id 01H8HDJX81QFNZB73R98ZJAXGB). I’ve given it a while and there hasn’t been a change.
It seems to still be connected somehow? This is a bit time sensitive so would be super super grateful for a fast response. Thanks so much!

That’s a DNS propagation issue, not a Netlify issue. That’s not something we control or can help you with. It should be automatically solved if it’s not already.