Removed Domain (transferred elsewhere) but Netlify "Site Not Found" is still showing


I am trying to migrate a function intensive site to Vercel. I have removed the domains from Netlify, I have transferred the domains across to Vercel. Vercel shows valid configuration for both the .com and the www. redirect.

However, when I try to visit the site, I am seeing a Netlify 404 page, see below. This page should not exist anymore at all, as I am not building my site on Netlify nor hosting it on Netlify.

This is causing a severe problem. After 20 minutes, the site was briefly up and functioning correctly on my device and others. Then, after 1 hour, it reverted to the Netlify Site Not Found view. Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you.

Please provide the domain you are having issues with.

@dig Here is the domain: removed for privacy

This site works fine for me.

Do understand though that DNS changes take time to propagate. Using DNS Checker I can see some locations still have the NS1 name servers. The only thing you can do is wait.

Ideally you would have kept your Netlify site live (not deleted it) nor removed domain configuration at Netlify until all DNS changes had propagated.

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@dig Thank you for checking on your side, and I appreciate the feedback for next time.

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Hi @Jos thanks for reaching out. Iā€™m glad you were able to find a solution.

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