Task timeout debugging, how?


First of all my website seems to build and deploy fine.

I’m trying to create a dynamic sitemap using next-sitemap.

On my local machine I’m not getting any problems when running a local environment, but when I deploy to Netlify I keep getting timeouts when visiting the sitemap:
{"errorMessage":"2022-01-12T14:11:15.124Z a24daae3-b443-4ba4-ae29-013be7298167 Task timed out after 10.01 seconds"}

So my question is, how can I debug this on Netlify since the build and deploy works fine?


Hey @andylemaire,

I don’t think Functions is a good tool for this. You should probably try to generate one during build or use a build plugin.

@hrishikesh I’m unable to reproduce one during build, that’s the problem. :slight_smile:

Hey there, @andylemaire :wave:

Unfortunately we will need a bit more information and a way to reproduce this to look into it further. Could you share a HAR file with us? Capture web session traffic - Google Ad Manager Help

For more context on why we need the HAR file is because, we tried to look for the error code mentioned above in our logs and found the site. We loaded /sitemap.xml for that site and it loaded within a second in multiple tests. So, there might be something weird happening when you tested, which is why the files might help.