Taking a lot long to open page

Hi there,
My site url is pulkitsachdeva.netlify.app . It is portfolio page connected to git. The only problem I am encountering is that it is taking very long to open the page. It is a single page portfolio but still takes very long to connect to it.

Hey @pulkit_sachdeva,

You may want to check out this discussion to see if this explains what you’re seeing! :slight_smile:

If you’d like us to dig further, the link provides instructions on the information we’d need.

@pulkit_sachdeva Welcome to the Netlify community.

Your site loads pretty quickly for me, although it appears that the main hang-up could be the fonts you are loading.

Hey @gregraven,
I later realised that it could be the problem with initial loader animations. I worked on it, site’s working good now.

Thanks for the support.
Pulkit Sachdeva

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