Problem accessing my website (sometimes) and takes long time to load

Hi i need some help with loading my website. I have hosted my website with netlify but there seems to be some problem as when i try to access my website sometimes it shows error message and takes long time to open most of the time. Is there any solution? something seems to be lagging please help.
My whole website size is under 4MB.


thank you in advance

Hi Navin,

Could you send me the HAR file I requested of you yesterday in the helpdesk? Feel free to send privately in that thread, and then we’ll mirror the answer out here for others to see.

I have send you via mail. There was a video file in my original site and i have taken that video out now my whole website is under 800kb and still i find the same problem.

Hi, @navin41, we replied to that email. We’ll update you via that email address and here if/when this issue is resolved.