More than 50seconds to load page

Hello Netlify support.

I have a problem with loading my page. When someone/I clock on link of my site loading are so long, more than 50seconds, sometime more than minute.

Please can You try to resolve my problem with loading page.

Thank you very much.

Site name: robert-matijevic

Site link:



Take a look in de Network tab in Chrome Dev Tools. The main culprit is that you’re loading in a 30MB image.

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Thanks for the answer,

There are no image bigger than cca 280kb, just one is 1MB.

Or you talking about this!?

Yep. if you sort your images by size you’ll see that there’s a 30mb one.

Okay, thank you. Can you give me some advice to resolve this problem?



hi, I am not seeing a 30 mb file as sander is describing - maybe you have removed it? That said, I am also not seeing a 50 second load time - i reloaded a few times and i am seeing everything load in under 3 secs.
@crorm-design - if you see long load times like you were describing, it would be great if you could provide us with a HAR file so we can take a closer look: