Slow Loading Assets

I recently re-built my personal site using React, and deployed with Netlify. Loading my assets is incredibly slow, it seems that both CSS and images take 5-10 seconds to fully load. The larger assets, that I haven’t made smaller yet (~8Mb), take 30+ seconds.

Some of the images are large, but it still is taking far too long for even the smaller assets loading. Is there anything I can do to optimize performance? File size aside, there’s some kind of bottleneck in loading assets.

Any help would be appreciated!

Here’s an example of one of the large file responses:
x-nf-request-id: fc29a1fd-e936-4b2a-bf58-6d4fe33a89c8-66613

Well, no argument from our internal logs - we are pretty slow to load that file (which is well over 6MByte - quite a huge png!). Files that big generally aren’t super well supported on our CDN - they almost never get cached, and in that case, will be served “streaming” from our origin at a rate of ~1MByte/sec. That doesn’t quite explain the 20s load you saw, but it seems that every single asset on that site that we’ve served in the past 7 days is >1MByte, and our CDN is optimized for smaller files.