My small netlify website takes forever to load or just never loads

hello. i have a small site,, which never, or takes a really long time to load, as the title suggests. is there any reason for this, as it doesnt have that much pages and each page is very small.

Hi @dimmmmmmm

In order to provide assistance can you please provide the site name (or custom domain if you are using one.)

Edit: loads fine for me (under a second). There is an error on the page though

This relates to

$(document).bind("contextmenu",function(e) {

    if(e.which === 123){
       return false;

which appears a duplicate of

document.addEventListener('contextmenu', event => event.preventDefault());

Note: While you have disabled the context menu, it is still possible to inspect the page by using shortcut keys or application menu to open Developer Tools, as I have done in this instance.

I also deployed my netlify site successfully, it opens my site page but keeps trying to load content forever, show a n endless spiral of circling dots. How can I rectify the site to load and remain stable?

Hey @Braddgit

If you can provide a link to the site, then the community can try to provide assistance.

Hi @Braddgit, can you please open a new thread since this is likely to be completely unrelated to the OP.


Hi @dimmmmmmm, Welcome to Netlify Forums.

Like @coelmay said, loads as it should and very quickly. However the domain without https ie does not return a valid response. This is likely due to your sites domain setup. Here are a few things I would check for moving forward:

  • Have you enabled the free https lets encrypt certificate?
  • Have you enabled force https in the admin dashboard
  • Have you correctly set up Netlify’s nameservers on the Freenom(.tk) dashboard


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