Tailwind CSS is not working after deploying to Netlify

Hi, the tailwind css is not working after deploying to Netflify. Although it works fine locally. Following is the tailwind config for my app.

module.exports = {
content: ["./src/pages//*.{html,js}", "./src/components//.{html,js}", "./build/server/pages/**/.{html,js}"],
theme: {
extend: {},
plugins: ,

Hey @ismailaamir

Can you provide a link to the site where the CSS isn’t working? Can you also provide a link to the repository you are deploying from?

sure, here’s the link to repository, GitHub - ismailaamir/healthfinds_dev
and the site is deployed here

Tried this on vercel, it seems to be working fine. Looks like there’s compatibility issue with Netlify,
Here’s a link of vercel deployment: https://healthfinds-dev.vercel.app/

Hey there, @ismailaamir :wave:

We took a look at your deploy logs, and it looks like starting at line 463 gives us a clue:

6:16:14 AM: You have the following Netlify rewrite that might cause conflicts with the Next.js plugin:
6:16:14 AM:
6:16:14 AM: - /* /404 404
For more information, see https://ntl.fyi/next-rewrites

I would recommend following that link that is in your deploy log, as well as taking a look at some of our redirects and rewrites material to debug this: [Support Guide] Making redirects work for you - troubleshooting and debugging

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Hi @hillary, I’ve removed that for now, seems to be working now. Thank you so much!


updated the url, site is now located at thehealthfinds.com

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