Tailwind ::before statment is not working well in Netlify

Hello guys. I’ve been trying to apply some css styles in my portfolio (with ::before pseudoclass) and it’s working great locally. However, this is not working perfectly in production. I’ve already disabled the asset optimization, but it not worked. The funny thing is that my entire tailwind file is working great, except for the ::before statment.

The gif below shows the differences of behaviours. Any tips to solve this?
My portfolio is https://gabrigomez.netlify.app/


Here’s my repo: GitHub - gabrigomez/portfolio: My personal portfolio :D

and the specific location of my index.css file https://github.com/gabrigomez/portfolio/blob/main/src/index.css

This isn’t a Netlify issue. It’s a CSS problem. You need to apply relartive positioning to the <a> and absolute positioning to the ::before pseudo-element.

Hey @hrishikesh thanks for the answer. I applied what you said but the problem still happens. I also rebuilt the output.css file of the tailwind but with no success. Like i said, the funny think is that transition/animate effect still working as expected locally.

Any other tips?

Hey, guys. I finally solved the problem, acctually, the whole point was the transition effect in tailwind that was not been applied correctly. I used the duration effect directly in the component and it solved the problem.

Thanks for the help!

Oh that’s awesome! Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution with the community!