Supressed Edge Function Error

Hi, I’m trying to run Edge functions on Netlify with Eleventy. I’ve successfully deployed preview applications using the examples on the Eleventy website, and have, in the past, successfully deployed Edge Functions to our website, but had to remove them due to 502 errors we were seeing. I’m in the process of re-introducing the edge functions after I’ve been informed that issue is fixed, but any edge-rendered content is refusing to show.

I’ve console log’d like crazy in our edge functions, and cannot work out where the edge functions are tripped as there are no errors logged in our edge function logs:

If I force an Error locally inside the edge function declaration, then my website renders exactly as it is in the deploy preview, so I know something is going wrong inside it, but Netlify isn’t exposing any problems in order for me to fix it, even though I have try/catch too.

Any insight into what’s going on you can provide would be great.



source (with branch and lots of console logs): GitHub - flowforge/website at abtesting-banner-color
deploy preview:

For others who land on this thread, this is currently being investigated in the helpdesk.

This turned out to be an Eleventy issue, rather than Netlify, summarised (with solution linked to htmlmin detailed here: Eleventy Edge not rendering on Netlify · Issue #2952 · 11ty/eleventy · GitHub

Hi @joepavitt thanks so much for coming back and sharing this with the community! (: