Deploy Edge Functions with Netlify CLI


Kudos on the release of Edge Functions. :tada: Have been excited above them since the original edge handlers posts from a while back, so very excited to finally dig into them.

I’m experimenting with some edge functions and trying to deploy the with netlify cli: netlify deploy --prod. The deploy script runs, and static files go to the live site, however no sign of the edge functions. Is there anything that needs to be done when deploying with Netlify CLI?

For a bit more context, everything seems to be working localy with netlify dev. I’ve also tried to deploy the demo repo as a test: GitHub - netlify/edge-functions-examples: Explore a library of reference examples for learning about Edge Functions on Netlify.


Ahh got it. Need to run netlify build before deploying.

Hopefully this may help someone else who hits this :slight_smile:

Or you can run one command:

netlify deploy --build --prod
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