Support Guide Not Working For Reports "A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1"


While attempting to set up Netlify DNS for my custom domain, I am receiving the following error:

" A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1

It appears this domain is already managed by our DNS provider, perhaps via another service. You can manage your domain via the external service that also uses NS1 as DNS provider, or [contact support] for help."

I did some searching around and came across multiple posts suggesting this support guide

I followed the steps and hoped within a few hours everything would clear and I could move forward. Unfortunately, I am still stuck at the above error message and approaching mid-day with my business website and email down.

Please help me figure out what the issue is as this is becoming more urgent the longer the site is down!

Here is my info:


Hey John,

So, if you’ve already gone ahead and followed the steps in the guide, what’s left is to configure DNS – either here at Netlify or at an external DNS provider:

If you check out you’ll see that it’s prompting you to configure DNS. If you select Check DNS configuration, it’ll give you the configuration required to configure external DNS (not at Netlify) if that’s how you plan on proceeding.

Alternatively, you can select Options > Set up Netlify DNS and then follow the instructions to update your name servers at

If you’ve already added the DNS records for external DNS, then it’s just a matter of waiting until these changes roll out around the world.

I hope this helps!

Hi Pie,

Thank you for the quick response. For all my previous websites I used the “Set up Netlify DNS” option and completed the steps without issue.

In this case I am stuck at “Step 1. Add Domain”. I click the “Verify” button to add the domain to Netlify and then receive the error “A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1”.

I began this process 6 hours ago knowing DNS propagation takes some time. Because of this error I have never even reached the point of receiving DNS records from Netlify in “Step 2. Add DNS records”


When I previously attempted the option of adding a CNAME record I kept receiving a error saying a similar record already existed and to try again. Well, I decided to reinstate my default nameservers and try adding the CNAME record again…success!

Everything worked itself out and now my site is live.

Thanks for the help!

SOLUTION: reset nameservers to their default and add CNAME record

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