[Support Guide] Failed build debugging advice - preparing the best help request

Last reviewed by Netlify Support - September, 2023

:wave: Hi!

In this Support Guide we’ll cover the useful details you should share with our Support Team to help expedite those Build-related threads.

You should follow this guide before reaching out to our support with a failed build issue. Hopefully you’ll be able to sort the issue on your own and resume your builds, however our team remains available to assist if you need!

Build is failing, first steps!

This Support Guide has the advice that 95+% of build failures would be fixed by:


Supposing that does not help you, please browse our great collection of build-related Support Guides:

For most cases, you’ll be able to find you answer there!

… no success so far? No problem, keep reading.

Stop all build attempts, focus on the last broken build

You probably ran into one of these cases:

  • all your builds fail, for all contexts
  • only a particular context is failing (a specific branch deploy or another Deploy Preview)

Focusing on the last broken build for a particular context (if all contexts are broken, choose the main production branch), gather these details:

  • Context
  • Deployment Type
  • Last Broken Deploy URL
  • Last Successful Deploy URL


Deploy Contexts usually refer to the branch you’re building and if a build was triggered by a Pull Request/ Merge Request (Deploy Preview). Make sure your are comparing successful vs unsuccessful builds that relate to the same context. Deploy Contexts can include, but are not limited to:

  • Production: main@2323d2
  • PR#12252: do-this-chore@12d2d2
  • Branch Deploy: do-this-chore@12d2d2

Note that Netlify will build branch and Deploy Previews if those are enabled on your Site Settings. By default, we build Deploy Previews but not Branch Deploys.

You can get this from inside the failed/successful Deploy URL:

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting this information from the failed or successful Deploy since you’re asking for help on a broken Deploy from the same context.

Deployment Type

This refers to the method you chose to build your site including, but not limited to:

  • Deployment with Git
  • Netlify CLI
  • Drag and drop
  • API endpoints

Deploy URLs

You can get both Deploy URLs by going to your Site’s Deploy page:

Selecting the right context (e.g. Main branch, Deploy Previews) and getting the URL for the last broken build and the last successful build for that context:

Before asking for help

Now that you got all the necessary details and know all about contexts and Deployment Types you should still try some of the useful tips listed on our Docs which may contain something different than our collection of Support Guides above :point_up:

Let’s ask for help

Alas, nothing worked so far… Fear not, our support team is here for you :slight_smile:

Nice job doing all that work! Our team really appreciates this effort and will certainly get back to you faster.

Go ahead and reach out to our team by providing the details you got so far. You can use this template:

Deploy URL: https://app.netlify.com/teams/myteam/builds/620a2e4712a5ff0008b18311
Deploy ID: 620a2e4712a5ff0008b18311

Context: --input–
Deployment Type: --input–
Last Broken Deploy URL: --input–
Last Successful Deploy URL: --input–

We promise to get back to you as soon as possible, even faster now that you helped us with these critical details!


I followed the get started and encountered the following error message

For which site? Please provide more information.

When I went to Select Save & Deploy, the following error occurred

error occurs on this page:Netlify App

Try re-linking the repo from site settings.

Please help me in debugging this

Deploy URL: Netlify App
Deploy ID: 64b4cc4892cae300084c8e31
SITE - Netlify App

Context: all build are failing now, no fix available
Deployment Type: gatsby
Last Broken Deploy URL: Netlify App
Last Successful Deploy URL: Netlify App

Hi, i’m seeing your site was deployed successfully. Please let me know if you are still in need of assistance.

please remove this lighthouse plugin, its breaking my build

You can remove this yourself in the UI. Please do so using the link here.

I know i did that and fixed my build but please check the issues related to this integration

Help ME!

Deploy URL: Netlify App
Deploy ID: 65c18dfc0fd51b1b85d257b3

Context: The build initially fails, but if you retry through clear cache, it succeeds. It’s been happening frequently lately, can you tell me what’s causing it? I’ll add additional broken URLs.

Deployment Type: preview
Last Broken Deploy URL: Netlify App
Last Successful Deploy URL: Netlify App

More Broken Deploy URL