Page Not Found error with my page

Hi everyone,
I have deployed my first project on Netlify but I can’t follow the link, it is read “Page Not Found”. I read all the instructions on similar cases but the page is still not found :frowning: Then I realised that the link is ended with .app, but it is not the application, just a site. Could it be the reason on the name of html file?

Hi @victoria14k

Have you read through [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”?

Can you share the deploy URL for the site you are having issues with, and the repository you are deploying from if you are deploying from git? (See: [Support Guide] Failed build debugging advice - preparing the best help request)

All Netlify sites get a subdomain.

Yes, I have read it and followed the instructions.
This is URL, it is still “not found”.
And this is my repository on GitHub GitHub - Victoria14k/VictoriaK-project: SheCodes-project, it is public.

From the aforementioned support guide:

We attempt to serve only /index.html in case you try to load your site without a path, for example:

The repository you are deploying @victoria14k has no index.html file. Rename WeatherApp.html to index.html and redeploy.

Thank you so much! I thought the problem was in the name of the file, it might be a confusion :slight_smile: