Deploy completed but page not found

I deployed the site directly from my git repository named “portfolio-project” (Mahdieh-M (Mahdieh-M) / Repositories · GitHub). The deployment was completed but when I want to load the site, I face the message below:

Page Not Found#

You’ve named your file portfolio.html when it should be named index.html.

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I changed the file to index.html and uploaded another repository but still got the same problem!!

The website based on your other repo appears to be workin: Site overview | prismatic-flan-c7efab | Netlify

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Yes, websites related to other repos are working, but I don’t know what is wrong with this one and why this website is not working.

Hi @Mahdieh.M,

Thanks for the follow-up. Have you seen this Support Guide:

The guide provides solutions to the Page Not Found issue. Could you give that a look and see if any of the solutions work for you?

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Yes I followed the first solution (moving all the files outside the sub-folder) and it worked, thank you very much.
If I wanted to use an alternative solution (change the publish directory in Netlify Site settings) instead of the first one, how should I do it?

Here: Build & deploy | Site configuration | prismatic-flan-c7efab | Netlify

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Thank you for your help.