Support analytics per path

RIght now analytics are date based. I’d love to be able to pass in a path, (/blog/some-blog-entry), and get the analytics for that particular path.

Hmm, you wouldn’t want the existing date filter(s) applied to that path-based filter? I’d suggest that we are unlikely to change the date-based filter, but we could add other ones, so let me know if that suits and I’ll get a feature request filked for us if so! If that seems unsuitable, could you explain in some more detail why removing the date filter is necessary for your workflow(s)? Happy to file the feature request that best serves your workflow, just need to understand what is missing if it clashes with existing functionality to make the best feature request for us :slight_smile:

Ideally date AND/OR path, but honestly it’s mostly, “How many page views total for /post/something” if that makes sense.

OK. So it sounds like the date filter doesn’t prevent you from getting the data you want since we’ll always have an option to “show all the data we have” in the date picker :slight_smile:

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