Sudden UnhandledPromiseRejection in Netlify Function

Hi there! We’ve been using netlify for our app ( We started getting some strange errors in our login a few hours ago. We checked netlify, and saw the following error in the function logs:

We are able to build our frontend app locally and we don’t see the same errors. We’ve also verified that we can log in to our backend server through our commandline tools, so we think that there may possibly be an issue with the netlify deployment. We have never seen this issue before and we have not made any changes to our code that could cause issues (we reverted changes back to the last version where we successfully were able to log in, and we still see errors).

Have there been any updates/changes on Netlify’s side that could potentially explain the error? If not, would you be able to give us any advice? This issue has taken down our site since no one can log in on our web portal

Here is the error at the login handler (couldn’t add it above because of the new user image limitation)

We checked which reported some errors had been fixed (Netlify Status - Increase in errors in deployed sites) so we tried redeploying the site on netlify. We are still running into the same errors

Barring help from Netlify team or the community, we’ll have to start looking into moving our infrastructure off of Netlify tomorrow. Our site has been down for ~12 hours at this point

Experiencing the same issue.

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hi folks!

We released an update to our runtime (v.4.38.1) which should mitigate this. Can you please try to run the builds again (if the plugin auto-installs) or force that particular version?


Issue solved for me :+1:

Issue solved for me as well, thank you!

thanks for confirming!