Sudden Unhandled Promise Rejection on build when visiting a page (but works locally)

Hi - I’m getting an error similar to what a few people were getting a few days ago (Sudden UnhandledPromiseRejection in Netlify Function - #3 by bharath)

but I’m still getting it. Basically, getting the following error:

Runtime.UnhandledPromiseRejection - Error: Cannot find module ‘@aws-sdk/fetch-http-handler’

Whenever I visit a specific page. Works locally. We didn’t merge any changes that could’ve caused this (reverted everything and still doesn’t work). We use AWS Cognito, which seems to be the package that needs this ‘@aws-sdk/fetch-http-handler’ module.

Any thoughts on how to fix?

We’ve tried deleting the cache and re-running, but still not getting it to work.


Hi, I see you have a ticket open on this in the helpdesk. If you can follow up on the ticket: 159375 that would be great.