Subdomain says it's taken, but it is not

I want change the subdomain to “holidays” because I had a typo. But when I change it, it says it’s already taken. It’s not. I tried starting over, but it keeps saying it’s taken.

Hi @damerms! Welcome to netlify community.

If you are talking about Netlify subdomains (i.e., then unfortunately, its true. Someone else has already claimed the site name holidays. Site names on Netlify are unique, so they can only be used once.

If you are talking about a subdomain of your custom domain, can you link us to that site so we can look at your settings? Thank you!

Hi Laura,

Lol. Of course they are unique. I had a pea soup (London) brain fog on this one.

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Let us know if you need anything else, @damerms!