Subdomain is stuck at awaiting External DNS

I have a domain I bought at Godaddy, and I have successfully pointed Godaddy’s nameservers to Netlify’s nameservers and the website is running right now. I want to add a subdomain to my apex domain, but it’s stuck at “Awaiting External DNS”. I’m wondering if there’s any additional configuration I would need?

I’m also planning to add AWS Route 53’s nameservers to my API subdomain for access to AWS functions.

If you are using AWS for the api sub-domain, then you should configure the appropriate DNS record (e.g. A, AAAA, or CNAME) in Netlify DNS pointing to AWS.

In any case, as the api subdomain is not served by Netlify, you should not add it to your production site.

@dig So in AWS Route 53, I was given a couple of NS records to add to netlify, which I’ve done below. Would this be sufficient?

Have you removed the api sub-domain from your site?

@dig I just removed it yeah, at first I thought that I would need to add the api subdomain, as well as all the NS records (which is what I had initially), but I just removed the api subdomain. Would I need to configure anything else or should this work?

The only thing I can (could) say for certain is that you should not assign the api sub-domain to your Netlify site. If you’ve remove that then :+1:

If the api sub-domain is using AWS DNS and not Netlify DNS, then any and all configuration will need handling in AWS.