Stylesheet and JS failed to load

Site name:

After the latest success build, my blog’s css and script were failed to load with 404 no response error. The assets’ URL seem be weird:

Here is network tab screenshot:

and build log (I can’t paste here due the post body limit) :
build log
Thank you for help and very sorry for my bad english.

HI @vdloc

The URL indicates you have asset optimization enabled. You can disable this via the UI under Site settings > Build & deploy > Post processing > Asset optimization.

As for why the resource paths have {{ pathto(\" _static="" scripts="" pydata-sphinx-theme.js\',="" 1)="" }} appended I cannot say for certain, but I suspect this is either part of your templating, or part of the NextJS plugin.

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Thank you @coelmay , after disable asset optimization, my site is now working. CSS and script urls are in normal form:

But I still don’t know why resource path have
{{ pathto(\" _static="" scripts="" pydata-sphinx-theme.js\',="" 1)="" }} when asset optimization is enabled.