Image Asset Optimization Problem

Netlify newbie here. I attempted to use asset optimization in the post-processing settings under build&deploy. I selected bundle css and js, and minify css and js.

The cloud front links inserted into my HTML go to non-functional assets, although the original URLs are all relative links.

So my questions is: Why does asset optimization generate these non-functional links to the image assets?

The current site can be found at

Right now, the code shows something like:

srcset="images/butcher-table-landscape-1280.webp 1280w />

And when this is run through asset optimization, the following is generated:

srcset=" 1280w />

But this link doesn’t link to a valid asset. Note, I’ve tried with other image formats other than webp and that doesn’t make a difference.

@combustion-inc Did you fix this already, or make changes on your end? I’m seeing what appears to be a fully-populated web page, with no image-loading errors … or cloudfront links, for that matter.

Update: I resolved this by turning off assets optimization. This services is incompatible with Netlify LMS, as described in the LMS documentation.