Asset optimization still enabled and ignoring configuration which disables it

I have a strict CSP policy on my site which is incompatible with asset optimization, so a while back I turned this off by adding to my netlify.toml:

skip_processing = true

Today, I noticed that one of my site previews is broken. Specifically, the site logo is not displaying in the header bar:

Looking at view-source:, I see that the image was updated to redirect to CloudFront via what I believe to be asset optimization:

<img src="" alt="Site logo">

Sure enough, a link to * breaks my CSP policy and the network request fails. I believe my existing netlify.toml configuration should disable asset optimization, so I’m unclear what changed. My production site does not repro this bug, however it hasn’t been pushed in a while. I’m afraid to try pushing right now as I believe it may introduce this issue to prod.

It looks like asset optimization was recently deprecated and removed. I have a feeling I might be experiencing a bug in the turn down process? The “asset optimization” button appears to have disappeared from Netlify’s site configuration, as I cannot find it even after searching for the option and clicking the result.

Is this Cloudfront link coming from something other than asset optimization, or am I correct that there is a bug here? Do I need to update my configuration in response to the deprecation? Anything else I might be doing wrong here?

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Could you try to re-deploy? The problem should now be fixed.

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Thank you, just did another push and it appears to be working now. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

Awesome! I’m glad to hear you found your solution. :+1:t6:

I’m having the same problem. This is my website:
@hrishikesh Can you please help?

This should be fixed, please try re-deploying.

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That worked thank you :slight_smile: