Struggling to set A name record


I’m attempting to connect my domain to Mailchimp and it requires me to set an A record however when attempting to set one, I get an error:

dns_api - 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

Is there anything obvious I’m missing? I was able to successfuly set a CNAME and MX record, it’s just the A name that is causing an issue.

I’ve had a search through several topics that are similar and the most common fix seems to be Netlify support ‘switching on’ the ability to delete existing NETLIFY records. I’m not sure if that’s still the case?

The Netlify URL is and once live, the domain will be

Thanks in advance for any help/info you can provide!

@CallumKing90 Welcome to the Netlify community.

It appears that you already have a CNAME for Mailchimp set up for

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Hi @gregraven, thanks for your reply.

According to Mailchimp docs, I need to set an A record and a CNAME record. I’ve been able to set the CNAME record but unable to set the A record.

The values you show in your original post are not similar to the example entries shown in the Mailchimp documentation.

Exactly what entries are you trying to make?

I’m building a website for a friend so have left all of the Mailchimp stuff well alone. I’ve just had a request from him to update the following:


A record

Create a CNAME record for with this value:

Create a second CNAME record for with this value:

I’ve just had a glance at the Mailchimp docs and looks like the CNAME changes should be enough. Out of interest for future reference, why can’t I change the domain A record (and what do I need to do if I need to change it?)

Because it will direct all traffic to your site elsewhere. If you really need to change the A record, you can do that at your registrar. The CNAME entries should be enough to get Mailchimp working, from what I can see in the documentation.

Ok perfect. Thank you for your help.

@CallumKing90 If you find that your apex domain loads but your www subdomain does not, you might revisit the wisdom of having the CNAME entry for point to Mailchimp. I’m guessing that the A record information from Mailchimp applies only when you have a subdomain (in your case) that points to Mailchimp.

hey @CallumKing90, we have just made a change on our side that allows you to delete and add new A records should you need to. let us know if that helps.

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