MX and CName in DNS settings

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to get better with DNS settings and have come across an interesting challenge. I want to set up a domain to both have an MX record (for Amazon WorkMail account) as well as a CNAME (for the site).

This works perfectly for the www subdomain, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for the null subdomain.

To clarify, works, the MX works (email is working!), but DOESN’T work

Netlify site name:

I’m sorry I’m very new to DNS settings. I went through which helped a ton but didn’t go over this exact topic. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
Here’s a screenshot of my DNS settings in Netlify:

Hi @mdk0027

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Have you looked the the Netlify DNS documentation? If using Netlify DNS, there is no need to have a CNAME record pointing to your Netlify site. You should see (if correctly configured) two NETLIFY DNS entries e.g.

You can then add in MX, and other record types to point to other locations e.g.

Ah thank you! I had previously deleted those by accident - got it corrected now. Thanks again!