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Status badge incorrectly shows failing when deploy is auto cancelled

We also have a monorepo. This bug is causing my team to think CI isn’t working. Even in a normal repo, changes to, for example, internal documentation will trigger this bug.

As a temporary fix, we are avoiding this by adding ignore = "/bin/false" to the [build] section of our netlify.toml, forcing the build to proceed even if there haven’t been any changes in the front end. This works for us because we don’t have a huge merge volume, but it wouldn’t work for a team with a larger number of merges because it would eat into their build minutes.

+1 same issue as dmorda

The +1 has been added to the feature request, @nic.

+1 this – would like to see this updated as well!

+1 for me too, working in a monorepo.

+1, also using a monorepo

+1 here. I’m working with a pretty large scale monorepo of which Netlify is only used for a few of the web applications and I would love to see this feature come to light to prevent false negatives of these application’s statuses :pray:

Hi @jimmyh,

Thank you for that. The feedback has been passed on. If/when anything changes, we’d update the thread.

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Another +1. Almost 2 years on, seems like a lot of votes have been registered in favor of this change. How many more are needed to make this a priority?

hey there @Janosh , i totally hear what you are saying! i am going to try and get some fresh info on this, and i’ll update this thread when i do.

Hi, @Janosh. About this:

How many more are needed to make this a priority?

There is no simple answer to this and there is no specific number that is the tipping point. Generally speaking, the more people that +1 a feature request the more likely it is to be created. In the simplest terms, this feature request does need more +1s before it will be created.

So, we do encourage people to post here if they want to see this feature added and if that happens we will post an update here to let you know.

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