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Status badge incorrectly shows failing when deploy is auto cancelled

We also have a monorepo. This bug is causing my team to think CI isn’t working. Even in a normal repo, changes to, for example, internal documentation will trigger this bug.

As a temporary fix, we are avoiding this by adding ignore = "/bin/false" to the [build] section of our netlify.toml, forcing the build to proceed even if there haven’t been any changes in the front end. This works for us because we don’t have a huge merge volume, but it wouldn’t work for a team with a larger number of merges because it would eat into their build minutes.

+1 same issue as dmorda

The +1 has been added to the feature request, @nic.

+1 this – would like to see this updated as well!

+1 for me too, working in a monorepo.

+1, also using a monorepo