Deploy Notification Cancel vs Failure


There’s no way to differentiate between Failed and Cancelled with deploy notifications:

This makes our deploy notifications useless. We get around 100 Cancelled for every Failed (due to having a monorepo deploying multiple sites). I’d love to be able to see the ACTUAL Failed deploys.

Thank you!

There are several threads about this (or related) topic already: Status badge incorrectly shows failing when deploy is auto cancelled

We would appreciate if there are no more duplicates. :slight_smile:

Thanks @hrishikesh

I did review everything in the sidebar Your topic is similar to… but there was no matching topics so I assumed it hadn’t been reported yet. Maybe an issue related to the forums themselves?

Hi @oodavid! Thought you’d like to know about our new official Slack app, which has lots of nice features including subscribing to deploy notifications in your Slack channels. You can choose which deploy states you’d like to subscribe to, and we correctly differentiate between failed and canceled deploys :slight_smile: if you try it out, please let us know what you think!