Static page can't access linked assets, returns 404s


I already have few Nuxt based pages on Netlify but recently I needed to port my super old static page here. It is simple index.html file with linked assets. The issue is that all assets from subdirectories get 404s.

Do I need to setup anything? I have such structure of the directories:

And I have setup in the deploys settings:

Publish directory -> deploy

The build preview:

This should work. The setup seems fine. Would you be willing to share your repo so others can check?


I have made it public for a moment:

I seriously do not know what this might be.

Just checked your repo (didn’t download it yet), but there’s no scripts folder inside assets folder: folio-by-irinka-2017/deploy/assets at master · JacekZakowicz/folio-by-irinka-2017 · GitHub. Thus the 404s maybe.

:man_facepalming: obviously an old project without a build script. /deploy/assets/styles and /deploy/assets/scripts are in the .gitignore

Thank you!